Tanaka ECV 4501-18 Petrol Chain Saw

The Tanaka ECV 4501-18 Petrol Chain Saw is built and made in Japan, although maybe not as strong and well-built as a Husqvarna or Stihl chainsaw, the Tanaka chainsaw offers good value for money and reliability. I have personally owned many chainsaws including a Tanaka! The reason I purchased a Tanaka chainsaw was due to the fact that I was on a job and my Stihl chainsaw broke down and I needed a chainsaw quickly! I rang up my nearest arborist dealer and they had a Tanaka chainsaw in stock. The Tanaka chainsaw never let me down and although I wasn’t using the chainsaw daily, it never let me down and proved to be very satisfactory.

I believe that the Tanaka chainsaw is a good buy for the keen gardener and professional user, I have actually proved this from my own experience. The Tanaka is powered by a 43cc two-stroke engine and has a Oregon expansive 18 inch guide bar, with this combination trees and would can be dealt with effortlessly with the Tanaka chainsaw.

Buy Now £369.00 (inc. VAT)

The engine itself is a two-stroke engine, which has vertical type cylinder positioning, that works produce noise, vibration, exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. The Tanaka chainsaw has a pre-cleaner on the air filter to make sure that the air is clean for reaching the engine, giving maximum protection to the engines components. The engine is fitted with a decompression valve, which means that minimal effort is required to start the Tanaka chainsaw, apparently this feature reduces the strain on starting, by 70%!

The Tanaka chainsaw only weighs 4 kg, despite its good build quality. It has a series of four anti-vibration cushions, ensuring maximum efficiency for the operator.

The Tanaka chainsaw comes with a fast acting chain brake, that can be activated in a fraction of a second. And an adjustable chain oiler, should the need arise to adjust the flow of oil.

Buy Now £369.00 (inc. VAT)


  • Engine Displacement 43cc
  • Power 2.1kw
  • Decompressor – Yes
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 0.4L
  • Oil tank capacity 0.25L
  • Chain Pitch 3/8”
  • Chain Gauge 0.05”
  • Guide bar length 18”/ 450mm
  • Guide bar type Sprocket nose
  • Dry Weight 4kg
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